Metal Fabrication Services

We have a 400 square metre workshop/office where we fabricate steel using the latest welding equipment and tooling, from construction drawings right through to installation, we always let our clients know where we are at all stages in the project. We also have regular 'toolbox' meetings to help improve any systems and quality assurance of our products.

We Use Australian Steel

Australian steel is stronger, sturdier, and thicker than imported steel. Australian made steel is made for the Australian climate, and is a longer lasting, better quality product. Adelaide Metal Fabrication only uses the best quality products for the job, so we only use Australian steel.


Bollards are used to deter ram raiders or added protection for your property. We fabricate bollards out of Aussie steel and can be fabricated round, square or rectangle and come in a vast variety of sizes from the popular 165mm large round bollard to the 89mm round small bollard. They are fabricated in house with a pressed on top cap or welded top lid that can't be seen.

Bollards can have round or square base plates, or they can be concreted straight into the ground (non-removable). They can be powder coated, painted or for a long lasting finish we would hot dip galvanize them. Bollards can be filled with concrete, removable, in ground or anchored to existing concrete or even collapsible. They can be decorative or plain heavy duty. Tell us your specifications and we will ensure you get the right bollard for the right job at the right price. We can even install your bollard at a discounted rate and can freight these all over the country.

Shopping Trolley Bays

After a complete site measure, we fabricate Trolley Bays in our workshop out of pre galvanized steel tube (various size tube), whilst welding the necessary bends and shapes needed to fabricate the trolley bay.

We then supply only or can install by core drilling the bitumen and then filling the holes with concrete to make our feet pads for the base plates to be bolted to. We can fabricate shopping trolley bays with one, two or even three bays, or any custom bay can be fabricated at your request. Just let our team know and we will strive to fabricate an item that will be practical and convenient for the user.

Height Clearance Signs

Designed to stop over–height vehicle traffic from hitting the roof or gutters or under car park roof drains of various buildings. They can be as simple as a bright colour (yellow) beam suspended from the existing roof using heavy duty chain, or as a free standing gantry.

The gantry is a clearance sign that is suspended from a 'N' shaped free standing frame that is anchored to the ground. This type of application is used when the height clearance sign can't be suspended from pre-existing anchor points. The price of a suspended clearance sign from a roof/veranda is about 200% cheaper than a workshop roller door if it gets damaged by an over height vehicle, or even a forklift mast! As with most of our products, we can freight these all over the country.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are most commonly used at schools, churches, shopping centres, council areas, play grounds, corner shops, recreational centers, cafes and wherever cycle traffic is available. We can fabricate any shape, size, quantity and finish (including powder coating, hot dipped galvanised or painted).

We use Australian made steel, bent to the required application before being welding onto base plates or concreted directly into the ground. Contact us with your design and we will fabricate a solution to suit your requirements. Freight options available!

Air Conditioner Security Cages

Often used in multiplex units, shopping centers, buildings, churches and public housing, cages are used when security is needed to limit the threat of theft. Custom fabricated in house using Australian steel they can be fabricated in many different sizes using a variety of different sized steel, from heavy duty commercial cages down to domestic sized units.

Cages may also be fabricated with doors for ease of servicing, anchored to existing walls or concrete footings. We can even excavate and lay the concrete slab for the air conditioner unit. All our cages are hot dipped galvanized for a longer life span.

Car Park Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops come in a wide variety and range from re–cycled car tyres to plastic and concrete construction. The recycled rubber wheel stops come in two main sizes: 1650mm long and 2000mm long. They are used in car parking areas to stop vehicle traffic entering another car park or space and to stop vehicle traffic from contacting building walls. The rubber wheel stops are lighter, brighter and easier to install than your concrete type and can be affixed by using the special glue adhesive or large metal spikes for asphalt or dyna bolts for concrete application.

We have recently installed car park wheel stops for a different reason all together; a car park area in a dark spot of town had hoons meet/drag race and doing burn outs in the car park area. We installed 30 wheel stops to break the area up and to inhibit the flat open space area so as the hoons now cannot drive erratic throughout the car park. We have installed a bollard and chain system at the entrance and exit of a car park/space also to troubled areas but this does require a care taker to open the chain in the morning and to close up at night.

Car Park Speed Humps

We can fabricate a range of rubber speed humps to slow the speed of vehicles in a car park/industrial/public areas. They are bright yellow and black that are highly visible and for night visibility they have cats eye reflectors in built to the speed hump. We have a general speed hump to slow traffic or we have an aggressive type that will slow traffic even greater. They have a rippled surface to prevent slipping.

These come in lengths of 500mm or 1000mm and can be place together to achieve a span of your requirement. They are fixed by way of using large spikes or dyna bolts. These all comply with Australian/New Zealand standards. If you need to slow traffic and increase safety this is the product for you.

Car Park Line Marking

Adelaide Metal Fabrication can complete your new/old car park requirements, from speed humps/wheel stops to bollards, and with the final contract being Line Marking. Whether it be 100 car park sections to arrow indicators or speed limit marking, as soon as the asphalt/concrete is laid, we can make the final markings to your designated areas. With access to automated boom gates and industrial security gates we are your total car park specialists.

Handrails and Balustrades

Adelaide Metal Fabrication has a long history and loads of experience in fabricating handrails of all types of applications from fire stair wells to school yard walk ways. They are fabricated out of Australian steel right here in our workshop using a variety of different size steel and shaped into almost any design you can think of. We then hot dip galvanize the item or even powder coat them for maximum durability.

All types of mounting brackets are fabricated in house so whatever design you have we can accommodate. Balustrades are again fabricated here in the workshop and can range from a flat or round bar to decorative type, the choice is yours. Since all balustrades are all different shapes and sizes, we hand fabricate every balustrade we sell.

Fencing and Gates

Fencing Panels are fabricated out of galvanised steel tube/rhs and then powder coated any colour you desire. The panels are a picket and rail system and come in various sizes (although your typical fence panel would be 2450mm long x 1200mm high). We can accommodate any size, shape and colour, with combinations of round/square rectangle pickets with round/square railing. We also offer a punched spear top picket that provides a safe security feel to the fence panel.

Gates also come in all different sizes, and we hand fabricate them in our warehouse. We can supply all fixings/posts and sundry's for your new fence and installation can even be arranged. These fence panels can be delivered Australia wide in kit form for ease of erection.

Fence Posts

We have a range of fence posts that can be fabricated to suit almost any application. Our fence posts can be powder coated for that designer look or just galvanised steel cut to your requirements then topped off with a pressed metal cap. All fence posts range in sizes, your typical fence post would measure 50mm x 50mm x 2mm thick. But AMF also can accommodate for the industrial size of 100mm x 100mm x 5mm thick heavy duty posts, all with pressed caps.

If you require base plates for your fence posts we can accommodate any laser cut precision base plate to be welded to the bottom of each post. If you require hinges, cleats or any other modification just advise the Adelaide Metal Fabrication team, and they will tailor a product for your next fence post project. We can supply only or supply and install.

Pipe/Corner Protection

A protection system that safe guards down pipes and alike in car park areas industrial sites etc. Made from thick steel checker plate folded to the exact measurements will provide protection for the pipe. Other heavy duty types of fabrication can be used if you require more protection.

The corners of buildings are often hit by cars, busses and trucks, so we fabricate a metal guard rail system to eliminate the expensive and sometimes structural damage that can occur from a direct hit. Another alternative we offer for corner protection is a heavy duty rubber corner protector. They are bright yellow/black 840mm high and affixed to the wall using dyna bolts. They are ideal for slower moving vehicle traffic areas.

Trailer Modifications

Adelaide Metal Fabrication don't make trailers but we can enhance your trailer. We can re–weld or modify, add carry racks, replace your floor, de–rust your trailer, weld on jockey wheels, replace tyres, add special tie down points. We cover most applications from Bob Cat trailers to your domestic trailer. Any modification you require, the team here at Adelaide Metal Fabrication will strive to turn your old trailer into a trailer that is ergonomically built to our customer's requirements. We can even order you a new number plate!

Shade Sail Posts

Australian steel is used to fabricate our shade sail posts due to the steel being strong, sturdy and uniform. We can fabricate round or square posts that have eyelets at the top for your shade sail to affix to. All sizes are available and as most shade sail posts are buried deep into the earth wrapped around a concrete footing we can fabricate large heavy duty base plates for applications where the shade sail post anchors to the existing concrete.

We can hot dip galvanize your posts or even powder coat them virtually any colour you require. The shade sail itself is of tough Australian quality and again a vast colour range is available. Turn that pool area into a tropical oasis. Shade sails offer great protection from the harsh Australian elements and can be used in a variety of applications from play grounds, smoking areas or even for your office/home car parking. Send us your site plans for a quick quote or just call to discuss your shade sail requirements.

Kerb Gutter Outlets

Used for the exiting of storm water pipe through the kerb table on your typical concrete roadside kerbing, these are a necessity for new subdivisions and allotments. They are made out of 100mm x 100mm x5mm thick material and come in two main designs: Stand up (type 1) and Lay back(type 2). The 10mm solid round outriggers that are welded to the outside of the kerb outlet can be made to suit a variety of kerb machines.

We can fabricate kerb outlets with long out riggers with a 90 degree bend at the end or just a straight out rigger can be used. It's up to you, whatever works better and faster for your company. We then hot dip galvanize the fabricated item for years of rust free maintenance.

Window Security Bars

We fabricate window security bars for all types of windows, from your local football club, home handyman shed, industrial workshops to portable work site building huts. We use strong solid 20mm rod welded to 40mm x 40mm angle with mounting holes. This is just one of many designs that can be achieved to deter thieves from entering your property and may even reduce your insurance premiums.

All sizes and colour's can be arranged but hot dip galvanizing is usually the way to go. Call or send us your window measurements for a quick quote. These can be freighted all over Australia and can even be sent with tamper proof security fixings.

Crash/Safety Railing

In tight car park areas where protection is needed from cars/forklifts/trucks from hitting any object that requires protection, car park meters/LPG refilling tanks, electrical boxes, even corners of buildings that are prone to being hit by vehicle traffic are protected by using this simple system. When combined with some heavy duty bollards this will ensure your property will be protected seven days a week.

We complete a full site measure and work with our clients to achieve the best defensive protection possible. We can supply only or our team will gladly install for you. These protection systems come in kit form and can be delivered Australia wide.